5 Educative Tourist Attraction Suitable for Family

5 Educative Tourist Attraction Suitable for Family

22 December 2017

Holiday is identical with storing bags and school textbooks. But that does not mean to stop the activity especially if it is to widen insight for the kids. Mom does not need to worry, because the educational theme park is now presence in Indonesia. In addition to improving the insight of the baby, educational tours are also able to provide a more memorable vacation experience. Let's take a peek of educational tours that are suitable for vacationing moms and families.


1) Sindu Kusuma Edupark, Jogjakarta
Sindu Kusuma Edupark (SKE) first opened and inaugurated on December 20, 2014. One of the most eye-catching rides here is the giant lava cauldron named Cakra Manggilingan. About the atmosphere and the panorama here no need to ask again, the view of Mount Merapi and Merbabu be eye-conditioning. Beside of biang lala, there is an Indoor Wahana including Tengoro Budoyo, Theater 7 Dimension, Arcade Game and Village Art.



2) Taman Pintar, Jogjakarta
Taman Pintar Jogjakarta had their supreme arena of learning science and technology (Science and Technology). They provide a very interesting medium so that most children feel hooked for creativity. That's because the main target of Taman Pintar is to introduce natural science to students from an early age. There are several arenas and rides here, including Flora & Fauna Room, Kids & Puzzle Computers and Adventure Room in East PAUD building. Beside, there is an educational games arena such as profession room, science & technology and library in PAUD West Building. In the other oval & square building , there are also Keris zone, Batik, Borobudur temple, Planning city, Turbulence display, and others.



3) Sea World, Jakarta
According to the website wisatasekolah.com, Sea World Ancol well-known as a giant aquarium. In this Aquarium, there are more than 4000 species of fish. Mom will certainly get a new experience studying the underwater world with its diverse animal riches. Sea World is designed in the form of a glass tunnel with a length of 80 meters. Inside there are hundreds of species of sharks that cross the head and around the left and right of visitors. Stay relax, Mom. Aquarium here is made of glass with a high thickness diameter so that the safety of Mom and family secured.



4) Museum Bank Indonesia, Jakarta
The next educative tourism place is Museum of Bank Indonesia . According to the Technoplast team, Museum Bank Indonesia is a tourist attraction that is not less interesting for Mom and families. Introducing the history of Indonesian banking for children from an early age is certainly an unusual activity. In addition to widen insight, this will increase a sense of love for the nation's history for the kids.



5) Bandung Science Centre
Next educative smart places is in Bandung. Bandung Science Center, inaugurated in 2014 with aim to develop children's knowledge about science. Here, kids can choose the arena that they want. For Mom who want to cultivate the interest of the kids in the world of robots and maternal technology can take the baby to the Assembly Room and Robotic Room. Furthermore, to cultivate the interest of the kids in the world of earth, Mom can take them to the Room of Geology, Basic Physics, Space Earth, Assembly Room, Audio Visual Room, Space Astronomy, and others.


So, where the educative places that Mom wants to go in this holiday? 


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