Moslem New Year 1439 H, Technoplast Sharing for Caring

New year’s momentum, are strongly related with the transformation and self reflection. That is what Technoplast did in Moslem New Year 1439 H. Together with the community, Technoplast was participated in the celebration of Moslem New Year 1439 H. The event was held at October 29th 2017 by committee of Assurur Mosque, a mosque located near from company, at Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta. As a company, Technoplast did their contribution to be participated in the event by community around the company.

There were several activity followed by 150 young orphans, such as donation to the orphans , a mass circumcision, and contests with many category. At this opportunity, fortunate expression not only seemed by Technoplast crew but also the orphans. That various activity, as the proof of social responsibility for the existence of company to its neighbourhood zone.


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