Yummy Chocolate Cookies, Recreation Companion for Mom and Kids

Yummy Chocolate Cookies, Recreation Companion for Mom and Kids

4 January 2018

Mom’s kid has entered the school holidays? They are often have requests outside the habit when school holidays arrive? Relax and take a deep breath Mom. It does not mean always negative way. This signifies they want to indulge himself with Mom and Dad. Then, why not planning new activity with certainly beneficial for Mom and kids? Like cooking creations of cake made by his favorite chocolate.

Making creation of cakes with kids, have a positive impact. Launching from the positive impact orenjieculinary.com page, it explain that improving the warmth and love between Mom and Kid, exercising skills and enhancing children's insights, enhancing a sense of responsibility, habituate healthy eating and last, introduce good habbits for the children. Well to make a delicious chocolate brown, this is the ingredients and cooking methods that need to be noticed;

Ingredients :

100 gr butter
100 gr margarine
100 gr sugar
2 item of yolk
100gr wheat flour
30gr chocolate powder
20gr chocolatemilk - powder Vanili sufficiently
100gr roasted cashew nuts
100gr chocolate bars
Chocolate chip

After the ingredients ready, let’s check how to cook it!

  1. Cut small cashews and chocolate bars, then set aside. Mix butter and refined sugar until fluffy. Add the eggs one by one and mix it back and put the vanilla.
  2. Put in chocolate powder, Chocolate milk powder into the dough and mix it well, then add chocolate bar pieces, cashew nuts and chocolate chips and mix well
  3. Prepare a baking pan that has been smeared with butter and start to mold the cake dough with the favorite shape by Kids using a spoon and give the distance between one by one. This is so that the level of cooked of the cake spread evenly.
  4. Put into the oven with even fire level and wait for 8 to 10 minutes. The delicious chocolate cookies crunchy is ready to be lifted. Wait for 1 minute outside the oven until the temperature starts to normal and lift the paint from the pan one by one
  5. Serve brown chocolate in a Kids favorite food container, and delicious chocolate cookies ready to be a crunchy friend on a family vacation...

How is it Mom? Easy enough to do, right? Let's try this at home!


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