23 July 2018

In this new school academic year, the transition from vacation to school must be hard for children. And most of them are also surprised with the new atmosphere of the classroom. Some are afraid with new teachers, some are not strong enough with the new teaching system, some are not moving on from the holiday period, and much more.

These symptoms can be anticipated by the parent’s appereance intensity while guiding children and give them more spirit to restore the passion of their school. But apparently, that is not enough. What's the point of sparking your child’s passion, without knowing their original character? No need to bring them to the hospital or psychiatrist, Mom.

One way to know what kind of child’s character, that is by knowing the kids through their favorite color. Marilyn Read, an associate professor of design and human environment at Oregon State University, agrees that the characteristics of a child can be seen from their favorite color. Color also can develop/construct their mindset in social life. It can be found through daily activities, such as drawing / coloring, playing puzzle, or the most dominant toy’s colors.

Color is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. It is an energy having wavelength and frequency. Color affects the mood in children. Color psychology and its impact on a child’s learning abilities and behavior is a much researched subject. Color can connect the nervous system in brain. When the right colors are found for the subject matter, so that subject is actually easier for children to make them enjoy while learning something.

And now, Technoplast will share the information about color philosophy that kids often love. Here's the explanation :

If your kids love blue…
This means your child is very creative. Blue color means cool and calm. This color can increase creativity, stimulate the ability of communication and artistically when expressed. However, look.. Is it light blue or dark blue? Because if it’s dark, the kids always clear minded. If it is light, your child is very easy to concentrate and calm the mind.

But, be careful! if you see too much blue in the same place and time, it can push your child and trigger the sadness as well.

If your kids love red…
Moms, you should be careful if your child love red color. Because red is synonymous with violence. To keep the balance, you must combine in light blue. However, the good news is, a kid who love red tend to have a high passion for something. Their energies are enormous, their courage and strength are always passionate when faced something.

So you do not have to worry if your kid feel shy while being in theatrical performances, followed the competition, or talking / telling stories in front of the class. Because courage and enormous energy can create a high level of confidence.

If your kids love yellow…
So your kid will always feel the joy in every activity. Do not be surprised if your child hyperactive likes to jump here and there, fussy, and full of spirit. Therefore, from now look their color equipments in the bedroom. If a lot of yellow, that's a sign you must be more careful in guarding them. But, your hardwork results must be satisfying you. Based on their mindset, yellow lovers must be creative and constantly create original ideas. This color is perfect to be used in the bedroom. In social terms he is extrovert, which is easy to get along/socialize with anyone around him.

Children who like the color yellow, tend to want get more attention of many people, especially parents. So do not look away mom, she will be disappointed. Because if it is disappointed, children who love yellow will tend to not believe and easy to stress.

If your kids love pink…
It means your child is very gentle. Do not underestimate if your son loves pink. Because this color is not only favored by women. For pink lovers, they have a high sense of caring with circle around him.

But you don’t have to be hard while educating them, because they are very sensitive. Your child also good at lowering negative energy, and very easy to cheer up. This is good in the process of building the character of children in social life.

If your kids love green…
It means your child has a dominant aura of peace, so they are avoid the conflict things. Green lovers, have an open mindset than any other child. Thus, they were able to accept the dissent. So you do not worry, because your child is very popular. This is good in their psychology. But, don’t ever you loose them. Even so, they are still kids. If not properly protect, will be very dangerous for their security and comfortable.

So what now? Do you understand to anticipate the children’s unease? Learn their favorite color, so you can find out through the color of toys or goods that they chose. Pay attention about their behavior, find the solution. Let’s trying Mom!

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