11 May 2018

Ramadhan, a month of blessing. All people carry out together to looking for some bless from the Almighty God. Fasting, restrain the emotion, be patient, sleeping, giving charity, helping others even for a small thing, etc. Any activity during undertaken in this holy month, as long as there is a positive value for life itself and other people, will get the reward.

There is one tradition in Indonesia before breakfasting, yes only in Indonesia, it was “ngabuburit”. But anyway, who already knows ngabuburit means? For Your Information, Ngabuburit was taken from Sundanese. Reporting from CNN news, June 10, 2016, Ngabuburit comes from the word "burit" which means afternoon. So ngabuburit means waiting for the afternoon. And especially for Ramadhan, the term of ngabuburit was used as a form of effort to spend the afternoon with family or siblings before breakfasting. Some people looking for ta'jil (snack for breakfasting), Afternoon Chilling Out with family, Breakfasting while old friends reunion, and many more.

Talk about ngabuburit, it's good to use to refresh and nourish the body. Launched from the source in a kompas article, May 27, 2017, actually by fasting only, men have lost weight by 1.5 kg, and women by 0.9 kg. But it's all useless if you breakfasting with fried, sweet iced tea, and others that contain a lot of calories or sugars.

But it will be another story if the ‘ngabuburit’ used for exercise. If you feel complicated with diet, then try to exercise regularly. Spend 15 to 30 minutes before breakfasting for a workout. Here are the “exercise ngabuburit” tips by Technoplast that can regenerate cells in the body, not easily thirsty and tired, and very effective for dieting ;

1. Jogging

This exercise is enough to drain the sweat, especially when fasting. But, there is a way so we are not dehydrated while jogging. The distance of the foot, half of the footsteps only. Take 15 minutes to jogging. And take a cooldown for 15 minutes. Make 6 sessions, made alternately. 5 minutes jogging, 5 minutes cooldown. Do it regularly until breakfasting come.

2. Cycling

Cycling is the right sport for you who want to shrink the stomach and make the thigh or calf stronger. However, you can easily dehydration if do it harder and make the lips so dry. During fasting, use the bike with a small gear or if your bicycle has 6 gears, you can stay in gear 1. Then do it slowly. If you feel less satisfied with the slow pace of the bike, be patient (anyway, be patient can add reward right?). Do it for 20 minutes, and rest for 10 minutes.

3. Step Up

For you who do not have time to exercise because there is still work in the office, try for 30 minutes to step up the office ladder. Because it is fasting, take care of activities that can provoke your thirst. Enough with 2 stairs only, how to rise is by stepping left and right alternately. Do it 3 minutes for 10 times. 2 minutes, used to step up, 1 minute to rest.

Do you know if fasting in Ramadhan is like a simalakama fruit? If consuming too much food / drink with sugar or excess oil content, will gain weight and cholesterol so high. If the menu / diet is healthy and followed by exercise every day in 15-30 minutes before breakfasting, will lose weight drastically. Which do you prefer?

Make your Ramadhan as a moment for dieting! Not just healthy, but you can shrink your stomach, also build muscle, breakfasting does not feel, get the bless too. What else? Let's not waste this opportunity. it’s just 1 month for a year, you know ... Imagine that 1.5 kg or 0.9 kg plus exercise every single day when the stomach is empty without any thirst at all. The result will be very amazing, Good luck!

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