Fasting Makes You Lavish? Here's 5 Tips to Save Expenses During Ramadan

Fasting Makes You Lavish? Here's 5 Tips to Save Expenses During Ramadan

23 May 2018

When Ramadan comes, most of us guess it will takes less expenses. Salary or income we received will be excessive because we neednt  many food to consume in Ramadan. If you have such thoughts, you should start throwing that thought as far as possible. In fact, expenses during Ramadan can increase from 50 to 100%. Lets check it out the reason.

According to Sociologist Musni Umar, in said that, increased of expenses can’t  be separated from the fear of not being able to run fasting Ramadan if the food we consumed just so-so. This clearly makes Mom provide more nutritious & various dishes when breaking fast and eating Sahoor.
Is that true? Well to make up the increase of expenses during Ramadan comes, you should following this tricks below.

Just remember that everythings come with `Too wont cause any everlasting effect. When payday comes, most of us are becomes too loyal. Starting from purchasing the non-primer needs in large quantities in order to pursue points, and pay bills to eat together with colleagues. You need to remember that the salary you received not only to meet the needs of one week, but for one month ahead.

Especially when the month of Ramadan comes, the invitation to gather for Iftaar with colleagues come from anyone. Dare yourself to firmly say no, if the expenses arent included in your budget spending post during Ramadan. Of course you want to celebrate Hari Raya Lebaran with a joy feeling with established financial, arent you?

As already explained in the previous points, of course, friendship groups ranging from high school friends, old office friends to the current office looks more active than ever. The discussion is nothing more about setting the date and location. All groups seem to insist that we take part in the vote.

Eits, its not really harmful. Especially if you feel a lot of things that can be learned from colleagues you have. However, instead of disrupting the finances for the next month, would it be better for you to make the priority scale of an iftaar?

You can make priority scales ranging from family, friends, or colleagues who havent been heard or who still have business interests with you in the future. Of course with this priority scale, can help in allocating budget for next month.

If the conversation in the chat group is talking about a proper Iftaar location, this time you can take a role to suggest a restaurant rather than a mall. The reason is simple. Mall is a shopping center that provides everything you need from basic needs to tertiary needs. Often times, if there is momentum such as Ramadan, Eid Al-Fitr, Christmas, and other discount parties are often a treat to attract visitors.

Yes, that is not something designed without planning. This happens to arouse your shopping interest. If you have this, steering wheel can only be controlled by the driver itself. Likewise with you a person who can control all expenses and income. Well, before the desire becomes uncontrolled with the lure of discount, is prevention better than cure, isnt it?

During Ramadan, what are the expenses you’re often to spend? According to the page, there are 5 expenses that occurs only in the month of Ramadan. Like buying ta'jil for Iftaar, attending an iftar invitation, ordering Eid cake, buying new clothes, and ordering tickets for Mudik. For Muslims, there is an additional expenses of Zakat Fitrah.

You should have created a separate budget complete with a nominal issued with those 6 things. This helps you to control the expenses not greater than the revenue received.

If you are a workers, and take a long time to get home from office to home, then you can reduce your daily expenses by bringing your favorite bottles of water & food containers. When being exposed to traffic jam on the road way back home, so hard to find drinking water as the first consumption to Iftaar.

Most of us choose to 'step away' and settled in a nearby minimarket to Iftaar. When we are in the minimarket, that's where our eyes were spoiled by the variety of food & beverages. They seemed to whisper softly so we could take her home. This is where the expenses become uncontrolled from the previous month.
By bringing Food & Drink before, now you don’t  have to worry if being exposed to traffic jams on the road and keep financial stability till Eid comes.

Well, after seeing the 5 points above, still wishing any spend in the month of Ramadan can be saved without any effort? Before the expenses swallow and become uncontrollable, do the 5 tips above in order to welcome the feast with joy.



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