26 June 2018

Holiday is about to end soon. In a few days, kids are about to going back to school. It means that a hectic day for Mom & Dad is coming. Before a hectic day is ticking, it’s better for Mom to prepare a plan & checklist about the activities that are related to our kids activities. First Day of School often to become a specter for kids, it is Mom duty to soothe and convince them to make them loose their fear of it. Launch from many source, here are some things which could mom do to make their first day of school become more pleasure.  

Convince To Kids That They Would Get New Best Friends & School is A Nice Place
Before coming to the first day of school, Kids may wonder about the activities they will be doing during school. Without exception he will also look uneasy with the conditions he will face tomorrow. It is likely that he is slightly worried about his environment and his new friend. It's time for Mom to tell me about the real school world, where the school is fun. Starting from the existing facilities at school, such as a playground where this place is the most favorite place of kids, sports field that can be used by the kids to do physical activity that they likes and the library where they could see and read various story books. Mom can also explain what teachers will teach in school, how the teacher loves them like a mother at school or mom can explain all to the kids using the picture, so that kids more quickly understand.

Don’t forget to describing the excitement of having new friends in school and how kids will stick with them, it begins from introducing them self to others, playing together to sharing any single thing with their friends, such as sharing a healthy food which Mom prepared for them before.

Invite Kids To Prepare School Things
Emphasize to kids that school is a joy things so they always excited to go to school. One of a kind way is to teach them to prepare every single things of their school needs by their self. Starting from choosing favorite stationary, notebooks, etc which they liked the most to put in on their school bag for tomorrow morning. And to keep our kids in healthy condition, Mom should always bring healthy food for them to have in school.

Pay Attention to Tidy Grooming
Eits, you can’t miss for this one thing, Mom. Before night comes, you can invite kids to sit together and ensure that the limbs of kids are clean & neat. Begins from ensuring hair in a clean and neat condition. Followed by ears, nails and fingernails that also must be clean. Emphasize to them that while studying, self-preparation must be maximal so we could receive knowledge with focus. In addition, with a clean body, health will come to us and makes us ready to engrave the achievement.

Emphasize Kids To Be Brave & Confidence
Who does not want Kids has a good friend? It can all be obtained if Kids can socialize well. Socializing is well earned with a sense of confidence which grows well too. Mom can get them to meet people without always being accompanied by parents near them. For example, when in the shopping center, you can ask him to ask the cashier or officer who is there to find items you want to buy. In addition, their confidence could grow well if parents let Kids to become an assertive person. Let them be free to express their opinions from the experiences their experienced. Parents need to provide the right direction by starting a light discussion that encourages children to think and express opinions with a coherent manner.

With self-awakened confidence, will affect the process of taking their attitude in socializing with friends around. In addition, Mom need to explain the importance of socialize. Having new friends and looking after friendships through good ethics in making friends. Encourage children to get used to saying polite words so they could mingle well.

Eat a Healthy & Nutritious Breakfast Menu
The other preparation is also important here is to provide a nutritious breakfast menu for the consumption. In this case, prepare a healthy food menu that they wants. In addition to boosting a good mood for the baby become more spirit, it is also beneficial to maintain a healthy body by eating a nutritious breakfast menu.

Launched from the alodokter page on (28/6), by consuming breakfast menu every morning, body will get various benefits obtained. For example, Kids will be more focused and productive while gaining knowledge in school. It helps protect the body from various diseases and nourish the body's needs, researchers show that people who have breakfast were able to meet their nutritional needs, by taking of fiber, calcium, vitamin A, B, C and other vitamin .

For example the healthy breakfast menu that has been arranged according to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia for children aged 6-12 years, among others, A slice of bread with eggs + vegetables + milk, Fried rice + omelet + vegetables, Lontong Sayur + eggs + fruit, Salty Rice + fried chicken + fruit.

Sleep & Get Up Early
After the holidays, it is normal to have more hours of sleep than when in school times. Otherwise, parents could ask children to sleep earlier. Explain them that by sleeping faster, the possibility to wake up in time will be higher. So, they will go to school with a happy emotion.

Some believe, if the first day of school is to decide next day of school. If the first day of school is get used to with disciplined time, kids will easily follow the pattern that the parent has teach.

Take Kids To School on The 1st Day of School
The moment of the first day of school is often called by thrilling day. This happens because kids must go out of an environment that he has never known before. Meeting new friends, new ambience and receiving new lessons for some children is not as easy as imagined. Therefore, they are used to giving refuse response when you have to release them into the classroom.

When parents take children to school, this is an excellent opportunity for parents to encourage them. Delivering a child on the first day of school is the best way to boost children's confidence, this can be done by hugging or kissing the child's forehead to make him believe the school is not scary and will make him comfortable. Do not forget the spirit of themselves to be able to blend with his friends and get acquainted with others.


Releasing a child to start school, is a pretty important day. As a parent to make a kids become active on the first day of school is the best way to ensure that they will be able to socialize well & ready to making achievements in school.

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