PT Trisinar Indopratama Factory Prove Product Quality with ISO Certification

PT Trisinar Indopratama Factory Prove Product Quality with ISO Certification

28 September 2017

Jakarta, August 2017 – PT. Trisinar Indopratama, one of largest manufacturers of plasticware company in Indonesia with Technoplast as a brand name, proves their commitment to provide the best quality assurance for every single product. In order to maintain the commitment, PT Trisinar Indopratama continue to standardize the quality of products that refer to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for a few years. Start from August 2, 2017, the Technoplast factory successfully received the Quality Assurance System Certificate of ISO 9001: 2015 : in category of Manufacture of plastic bottle, foodware and houseware in the name of PT Trisinar Indopratama

These certificate is published by SGS Indonesia, a global certification company based in Geneva, Switzerland which has branches in Jakarta, precisely in South Jakarta. The ISO 9001 certificate is a certification for quality management system of a company. The certification encourages PT Trisinar Indopratama's operational work system to increasing quality in product delivery, enhancing customer satisfaction through continuous improvement and fulfillment of applicable requirements.

Sjamsoe Fadjar Indra, CEO of Technoplast said, "Technoplast always focused on delivering products with optimum quality for consumers. ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Certification within the scope of this Product and Service Provider is a form of commitment that embodied in the real action from Technoplast to always deliver products with assured quality."

Ellies Kiswoto, Director of Sales & Marketing has confidence in ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate that has been owned, will be able to raise trust for the customers. "In addition to the product, we must magnify the value that is able to convince the customer and it becomes a benefit for the product. Of course we do not want customers to dissatisfied with our products. With ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate, now both parties have the same value of satisfaction."


About PT Trisinar Indopratama (Technoplast)

PT Trisinar Indopratama (Technoplast) is a company founded by Sjamsoe Fadjar Indra with two brothers and started business in 1997 by becoming an exporter. Since 2000, Sjamsoe Fadjar Indra as CEO has been inspired after see the number of home industry companies that can survive in the business world, and began to think about start producing plastic trays as the first plasticware products with production responsibility under the leadership of Sjamsoe Tahar Indra as Director of Production . Technoplast focuses to produce the highest quality products of each product. The uniqueness of each product is interesting design for children, comes with the highest quality for the category of plastic products, as well as licensed ownership of animated characters, such as Hello Kitty, Warner Brothers, Disney, Marvel, and the latest license is Minion. Technoplast is expanding and expanding the market with a very careful calculation by Sjamsoe Bahar Indra as Finance Director

Confirming the quality in plasticware field with licensed characters, Technoplast held license certificates from some well known characters from Walt Disney and Universal. The certificates issued by Walt Disney have been audited by WCA Intertek, including Labor Standards, Wages and Hours, Health and Safety, Management Systems and Environment while the ownership of PT Trisinar Indopratama certificate from Universal, issued by AECOM on behalf of NBCU Universal, successfully fulfilled include Labor Standard, Environment, & Health and Safety.


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